A step by step guide to making your own stickers

There are various ways you can make your own stickers.

These range from buying printers and cutters and designing them yourself all the way to finding the right supplier, taking a premade design and getting them printed for you. 

We’re going to give you not 1 but 2 step by step guides on how you can make your own stickers

The first option is the east way. Creating a design yourself and going and buying them. 

The second option is a little more complex with a more significant learning curve as you’ll be making them all yourself. However, if you’re into arts and crafts, it could be ideal for you. 

So let’s get started.

Getting designs made

This is the easy option, especially if you’re starting and don’t know much about the process.

Step one: The first and probably one of the most underrated steps is to create your design. A good sticker relies on and only ever comes from great designs. 

There are two different ways you can design your sticker. The first is to use a design program like the professionals such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

The second is to search through a list of premade designs, find one that you like or close to what you want, and edit that. Here is a good example.

Step two: Now you have an excellent design, you need to go and get it printed. Obviously!

So the tricky bit here is finding the right supplier and choosing the correct material. 

Finding the right supplier is relatively easy. You need someone who ships to your address for a reasonable price in a timescale that suits you. 

The material is harder to get right, so we’re going to focus on that more. 

There are many different material options, but, essentially, they break down into 2 main categories; paper and plastic. 

Paper materials are Low-cost, widely available, more environmentally friendly, and you can get lots of different finishes such as matte or gloss and other incredible textures. 

Plastic materials benefit from being much more durable, waterproof, and feel premium. You can get them in many different colours to create many other effects. Like these:

Once you’ve made your material choice, everything else is easy.

Have a search online, find the supplier that’s right for you, enter your size, choose how many you want and check out. 

Just a few days later, you get some beautiful stickers at your door.

Printing your own stickers

This part of the guide covers the critical steps to printing your own stickers. The design bit is the same as before, so we won’t go over that again. We’re going to focus on how to go and print your design and which machines to use. 

We are looking at this from a hobbyist perspective, not a professional perspective because the machines the pros use can cost millions of pounds.

If you’ve already done some research into this area of printing your own stickers, you’ll know you need two bits of equipment; a printer and a cutter. 

Choosing a colour laser printer will allow you to create the widest range of different effects and on different materials. The Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer is a great option. 

Cutting is the tricky bit, and you have some options.

Option 1 is to buy pre-cut sheets that don’t need cutting, and you design on their template so when they come out of the printer, they are ready to go.

Option 2 is to cut your sheets after you’ve printed them. And this method allows you to create whatever shape you want.

The Cricut is widely regarded as the best hobbyist Cutter on the market. And the best bit about it is that it also has a wide range of materials you can use with the cutter, so you know you’re already buying compatible materials, which saves a lot of research and problems. 

There we have it, two different methods to make your own stickers. Both result in beautiful looking stickers, but both are very different. Hopefully, there is one that suits you and your skillset.

Thanks for reading.